LEXON is the World’s First Gemstone Exchange

LexonX.com is a global exchange that focuses on bridging the gap between the traditional gemstone industry and the innovative financial markets. With its extensive industry knowledge, LEXON wants to engineer a ground-breaking change – enabling people to liquidate and invest in gemstones like any other financial asset, in a transparent and secure way.

The LEXONExchange enables anyone to invest in individual gemstone, shares of a high-value stone or shares in a basket of gemstones (ETF).

Traders can have full confidence in buying and selling, even without prior knowledge of gemstone trading.

Thanks to the LEX, our machine learning algorithm, and blockchain technology that rates a gemstone’s asking price, the value of any gemstone listed on the Exchange is completely transparent; liquid because it creates a two-sided market by enhancing both the supply and demand and standardized because LEXON creates a unique benchmark value, rate and smart contract for every stone.

The Technology

LEX – The Intelligence behind LEXON

The LEX, our proprietary machine-learning algorithm, has been created to bring transparency and coherency to the gemstone financial market. The LEX comprises three main elements: the gem composite, which represents a stone’s gemological perfection; the parallel composite indicating the rarity of a gemstone category and the indices composite, giving potential traders market directions for the gemstone industry. Gemstones are onboarded to LEXON and classified by categories. The LEX has been designed to incorporate artificial neural network technology using all available gemstone data.

LEXON Coin Powering

The LEXON Exchange

The LEXON Exchange will be powered by the LEXON Coin. This ERC-20-compatible token will be traded over the public Ethereum blockchain and will allow users to purchase gemstones on LEXON, transforming their assets into gemstones. Use of the LEXON Coin will be driven by trading volumes generated on the LEXON Exchange and the demand of the gemstone ecosystem. The LEXON Coin will be listed on major exchanges (to be announced) and will be transferable to other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

The LEXON Coin will be the only means of payment used on the LEXON exchange.

The amount of LEXON Coin will be limited. Any coins offered for sale that are not sold will be burned.

Road Map

LEXON has a seven-stage roadmap summarized below.
For more information see our white paper.

Q1 2017

Starting “LEX” Development

Q1 2018

Token Public Sale Offering
LEXON Platform Development

Q3 2019
Geographic Expansion
Q2 2017
Business Strategy
Implementation of the Blockchain Technology
Q3 2018

Launch of LEXON Platform

Q3-Q4 2017
Gemstone-Smart Contract Development
“LEX” Alpha Launch
Q1 2019

Expansion of linked financial products:
Short Sale, ETF Trading, Leverage, Products & Loans

Why Invest in Gemstones?

Gemstone Industry

  • New financial instrument for investing with complete market transparency.

  • Gemstones maintain their value even in uncertain times.

  • Gemstones are a favored investment by the middle class and are now gaining popularity with millennials

  • Gemstones are easy to carry, transport and are globally recognized.

  • The value of gemstones is perceived as more stable than gold or silver.

Statistics and Numbers

  • People have been trading gemstones for over 1000 years.

  • USD 80bn annual gemstone market turnover.

  • Gemstone investment market today is $1billion potential growth $350 billion

  • Gemstones historically combine low volatility and prices have risen at a compound annual rate of 5% since 2009.

  • Demand-supply shortfall by 2050 is estimated at 278 million carats, reflecting a deficit of over $40 billion.

The Team

Roger Stanton – founder of LEXON

Roger has over 20  years’ experience in global financial  and the gemstone industries. He has held senior roles in leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and DeBeers. He served as the CEO of Geneva Art Exchange.

Avi Blumenthal – Head of Global Business Development for LEXON 

Avi has specialized in business development for the Forex and trading industries for the last 10 years. He has been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency emerging market since 2012. He has supported several successful startups that provide different solutions to the market and strongly believes cryptocurrency is the new financial market.

The team are blockchain experts and brings extensive years of experience from both the financial and technology sectors. Leading a team of advisors with similar backgrounds the LEXON team will be partnering with DeBeers to further develop the LEXON Exchange.

Funds Allocation

The funds to be raised by the Token Sale will be used for the following purposes:

Crowdsale Terms

LEX tokens available: 1,000,000,000,000
Token name: LEX
ICO Incentives begin at 30%
ICO start – 1st February, 2018 at 8:00 A.M. UTC

1 ETH equivalent = 20,000 LEX (plus any applicable incentive)


Which payment methods will be accepted in the TOKEN SALE?

  • Users will be able to purchase LEXON Coin in Ether or Bitcoin according to the available rates in the market.

How many Tokens will be issued during the TOKEN SALE?

  • Altogether, 1 billion Tokens will be created.
    The TOKEN SALE will include 500 million tokens, which equals 50% of the entire token supply.

Are LEXON Coins ERC20 compliant?

  • Yes, the LEXON Coin is ERC20 compliant. As such, it can be stored on any Ethereum wallet that supports this protocol.

How do I safely store my tokens?

  • LEXON Coins are ERC20 Tokens and can be stored in any ERC20-compatible wallet. It is highly recommended that you store your LEXON Coins in an offline, cold storage solution. Please do not leave large crypto holdings on centralized exchanges. Nor should you have a backup of your private key in your email, on your desktop, in your Google Drive, etc. The “Ledger Nano S,” for example, is a great hardware wallet solution that supports all ERC20 Ethereum Token types. The LEXON team urge you to search for a solution that meets your particular requirements.

What is the maximum cap?

  • The cap is 1 billion LEXON Coins, of which 500 million will be offered during the crowd sale.

In the TOKEN SALE, how will the LEXON Coin be valued?

  • The value of the LEXON Coin will be set to 1 ETH = 20,000 LEXON Coins.

  • Can I send ETH from my exchange wallet?

  • We will accept ETH from exchanges, but we cannot return coins to the exchange. This means a user will need to enter a non-exchange wallet to receive the LEXON coins.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of LEXON Coins I can buy during the general sale?

  • The minimum purchase is set at 1 ETH. There is no maximum allowance.

What is the ETH address to which I should contribute?

  • The address will be published on our website when the TOKEN SALE starts.

I’m a US resident or citizen, can I participate?

  • The Token Sale will be open to US Citizens and residents, subject to legal options. The contributor should assess their own eligibility.

How can I use the LEXON Coins after the TOKEN SALE?

  • LEXON Coin holders will be able to use their tokens once the sale is completed and tokens are distributed.
    Tokens will be used for the following services:
    A. To certify gemstones in gemological labs
    B. For secure and insured transportation services for the tokenized gemstones
    C. For insurance services
    D. For custodian services -Allowing the gemstone holder to keep assets at the custodian

  • Once the LEXON Platform is up and running, Tokens will be used in the following ways:
    A. Traders who want to purchase gemstones via Gemstone-Smart Contract on the LEXON platform will have to purchase LEXON Coin to carry out their transactions.
    B. Payment to and for all service providers, such as the gemological labs, custodian, insurance and transportation will only be done using LEXON Coin.
    C. Later, once additional financial products are developed, traders opening a short position will use LEXON Coin to cover the collateral and borrowing fees.
    D. Traders will be able to use their portfolios as collateral to receive LEXON Coin loans.
    E. Purchasing gemstone derivatives.

Are the LEXON Coins instantly transferable?

  • Tokens are distributed to users up to three weeks after the sale ends. Once they are distributed, they are transferable.

Where will you be storing the funds after the TOKEN SALE? Will you be using an escrow service?

  • All funds contributed during the TOKEN SALE will be held in a multi-signature Ethereum wallet. To ensure complete financial security for our purchasers, funds will be moved to a cold wallet.

  • We will not be using any escrow services.

Will there be a lock-up on LEXON Coins sold in the Token sale?

  • There will be not be a lock-up on the LEXON Coins purchased in the TOKEN SALE.


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